Warehouse sale beware!

Following jeffooi's Mega Malaysia Boleh Sales I was happy to acknowledge that we Malaysians like to shop when everybody else are also shopping. My wife indicated that there are 2 types of people when it comes to shop. There are people that will shop for convenience, and people who will go all the trouble to get the cheapest price. I'm the first type while my wife is the latter.

Last week I received a flyer for Hush Puppies's Warehouse Sale which are held yearly at Armada Hotel. Their warehouse debut was a big success. Quality cheap shoes at a cheaper price. So, last year, we went there and bought a couple of shoes, and boy we were suprised to notice that the price that we've bought at their warehouse sale was the same price as the retail shop in Sunway Pyramid.Did we get a good deal?,NO!! The designs in the retail was better. Good designs at the warehouse sale all sudah habis...
This is the method used by the retailers to push sales as we Malaysian are always attracted to the word 'sale'. No need to reduce the price, just organize and sell! Maybe there are 2-3 items which are really on sale. Maybe those items requires you to be there at 6 a.m. Maybe?

I wonder how was this year's warehouse sale went by...

But, we have a different experience during our last shopping at the Diethelm warehouse sale held last weekend. Quality products sold at rock bottom price. 4 kellogs cornflakes for RM10, Fisher price toys at 80% discount. People were flocking the area. So we bought a few toys for our son. Maybe the next time they held these kind of warehouse sale the price won't be the same anymore...


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