RM7.5 million charity to ASTRO

I'm astonished with the figures in Utusan Malaysia's on how much Malaysian actually spent SMS'ing Akademi Fantasia. I don't know whether the figures are fabricated or not, but that figure can instantly help our endless poverty and people in need of a medical operation, you name it.

But we Malaysians are so hooked up with the epic drama that has been foolishly set upon us. So tied with our emotional feelings for other people to win. While we, sadly, buying top-ups and paying bills for something that is not beneficial at all. Even the spam SMS contest that I get everyday(which is Haram) promises some sort of a prize.

Myself, like you guys, was also part time in front of the TV during AF airtime anticipating who will win etc. I like the people, I like the performances but they could have channelled the whole money into charity. If they do that, I will gladly SMS. They only spare RM400,000 for charity. The rest of RM7.1 Million goes to ASTRO.

No wonder ASTRO increases their monthly charges by RM5. If we can AFUNDI up to millions of ringgit. What is RM5?


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