Pay yourself first?

A few years ago somebody gave me a copy of "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert T. Kiyosaki. In fact, It's still a bestselling book around the world until today. I was so intrigued with the concept of Asset and Liabilities that he introduced to me. But along the way, when I share these thoughts with my wife. I got a different point of view. Kiyosaki highlighted that you pay yourself first then pay others(such as bills etc). If the money is not enough to pay your bills then you will have to increase your earnings. Easier said that done!

First thing that she said the concept contradicts with our religion. If you owe somebody, you should pay them first instead of being selfish by paying yourself. Although the concept Robert Kiyosaki is trying to say is to save more, he could have just said that you should just save some money to start with. Feedback I get from these people who have read the book would say that education is not a key area to be rich. And in the west there are cases undergrads dropped their studies because they got the wrong impression.

True, Bill Gates and the rest of the richest people in the world does not have a good educational background, But you're not Bill Gates! And, I think he will be rich anyways even if he finishes his studies!

The lesson I learned was, if we read, hear or see something, use our brains and inner feelings first to filter its content. We produce our own facts and findings based on our proportions.

Now I will pay my bills first because that is an amount that I've owed someone, but then I'll make sure that I'll save a minimum amount at least into my bank based on my projected calculations.


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