Money vs Job Satisfaction?

We lie to ourselves all the time. We say that money is not that important, satisfaction is. Well, it applies on when I want to use that statement. Sometimes during the month when I'm short of money, I will say that money is the utmost important to me. But when I have a shitty job at work, I'll say that I don't care how much the money is as long as I'm happy with my job. Then, I'll job hop to get a better pay. Two years have passed and I'll think that I'm underpaid and I want another job that offers a higher reward. Another two years and another 5 years...this can go on and on or, until I rethink about my job satisfaction...?

I'm afraid that this will not only hit me alone. I think a lot of people in my age group will face similar situations. Please, please share your thoughts on this particular subject.


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