Getting your Citibank Credit Card Annual Fees Waived

Just use Direct Access Credit Card. Free For Life. With online facilities(pay bills etc). You can even pay from maybank2u.com for your direct access credit card bills.

But most of us stuck with Citibank. Their online services is one of the best. Their marketing strategy is staggering. But most of the time I have to go to Menara Citibank to pay my credit card payments. What an inconvenient way to pay! And yet...I have to pay my yearly fees. No way! I want to cancel my card! Wait, maybe there's a way. So I called them.

Me: Hi, I want to get my credit card annual fees waived.
Citibank rep A: Urm I'll transfer you to another person that handles that ok.
Me: OK.
Citibank rep B: Hi, Im B how can I help you sir?
Me: I want to get my credit card annual fees waived.
Citibank rep B: Can I have your credit card number?
Me: My credit card number is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx
Citibank rep B: There are 2 ways sir to get your annual fees waived.
(I'm excited)
Me: What are the ways?
Citibank rep B: You can transfer balance from your another credit card with a balance of at least RM1000 or more
Me: Well, I don't have any other credit card with that amount of balance.
Citibank rep B: The other way is to have another 2 bills that you set for autopay.
Me: But I already have 2 bills that are currently being autobilled which is my Maxis and my Insurance. Can't I just use that to waive my annual fee.
Citibank rep B: Urm no sir. You have to put another 2 bills for autopay.
Me: But I don't have any other bills to pay.
Citibank rep B: Well...
Me: Nevermind, I'll just cancel my card anyway. Thank you for your answer.

So I wrote them a nice letter. Cut my card into half, faxed them a copy and mailed them the original copy. Waited for a few days and I'd almost forgot about it when somebody from Citibank called.

Citibank rep X: Hello, Im X from Citibank credit retention center.
Me: Hi, so you've received my Citibank Visa cancellation letter?
Citibank rep X: Urm yes...
Citibank rep X: Well Mr Azrin...You have been a very good customer to us, why do you want to cancel your card in the first place?
Me: I refuse to pay the annual fee.
Citibank rep X: There are ways to get your annual fees waived sir.
Me: The ways that was offered to me is not suitable for me. I don't have balances in other credit cards and I already have 2 bills on autobill...
Citibank rep X: Well sir, I have just spoken to my boss and he agrees to get your annual fees waived for 2 years.
Me: URM? :) Why didn't you just tell this before I cancelled my card? (I'm tempted again...)
Citibank rep X: Well the department is different sir. When somebody actually cancelled their card then it will be forwarded to us. If you agree I'll send you a new card with the same functionality as your previous card. But we will have to change 2 digits in your new card.
Me: So I will have to change my autobill to the new number?
Citibank rep X: We will fax you something for you to sign and we will handle that for you sir.
Me: Urm...so how soon can i get the card?
Citibank rep X: We will mail it by today sir. Is there anything else that I can help you sir?
Me: No. Thanks anyway,
Citibank rep X: It's nice dealing with you sir.
Me: Bye!
Citibank rep X: Bye..

That is 3 ways already. If you know any, why don't you share with me? :)


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