More about money?

So you want to learn more about money?

It seems that you have done some research and stumbled across my humble site. What I intend to do is to let my readers understand the current financial situation in the modern world; and how to live by them.

You have probably read all the motivational books talking about financial freedom. But what is really financial freedom you ask? They will start to put horror stories on you, the “what if a bad thing happens in your family” they say. After that, they put all the glorious stories in front of you. Thousands of people made millions. If you’re a MLM business owner, you will know too well on what I am talking about. You’re confused. After reading a book or attending a seminar, you felt that you can take over the world, or at least do something about yourself. 1 week down the lane you’re back with your usual life (or can I say, miserable?)

Okay, so my life is not perfect either. I was trying too hard at one point, and at the same time not trying at all. The point is, I have not done it the right way. Doing the right thing in this world is not a sane thing either.

What I am here for is to shout some balance in our life. Balance for your finance, spiritually and mentally.

So how do we achieve this balance?


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